My Platform

So many issues are facing our nation today. I will be addressing many issues and offering solutions on how to fix these problems.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be outlaying my ideas on how to make our economy and political system to work for you such as my proposed Economic Prosperity Act and the Fair Elections Amendment. Such ideas as Community Support Centers, the creation of a new US Central Bank, Immigration Reform, eliminating the federal debt, the Federal Reserve Bank, UN 2.0, election reform, creating a new economic and monetary system and much more.











Education Reform

There have been attempts to fix our education system by bigger government involvement. You may have heard the “No Child Left Behind”. Instead of improving our education standards, the quality of education has suffered tremendously. Our public schools have become indoctrination centers instead of providing a quality education. We must get back to the basics of education that will challenge our students to excel in life. One way to do that would be to phase out the socialist Common Core Curriculum. It needs to be replaced with a new curriculum where students are educated to think instead of a memorization exercise. We need to get away from the mentality that the State knows better than the parents.

I propose a Presidential Education Commission to develop a new curriculum that is developed by the best minds in the education field. We must encourage all students to achieve a post-secondary education by attending a two or four-year degree program.  Vocation education programs need to be strengthened for those students who want to enter the workforce after high school. 

Many colleges have become unaffordable to many and those who do obtain student loans are burdened with a major debt when they are just starting off in life. Efforts need to be made to eliminate the greed in the costly post-secondary education programs. An accredited government contracted online college degree programs can be established to help reduce the cost of a higher education and to provide some competition.


Border Security                               

The mainstream media for decades now have been reporting that there are approximately 11 million people who are illegally residing in this country. That number is closer to over 55 million illegals now in this country. This has become an epidemic.  The Democrats want even more for selfish reasons. Do not for one moment think the Democrats in Congress really care for people. THEY DON’T!! Don’t buy into their lies. The letters D.C. does not mean District of Columbia but District of Corruption/Don’t Care!

“Open borders are another way of wealth redistribution but on a global level. It shifts the poorest from nations that have too many to the ones that don't, thus passing the burden to wealthier countries. The problem with this clever and sneaky way of redistributing wealth is that eventually all countries will level out on the lower end, instead of the opposite.” *

Decades ago, former President Nixon had launched a War on Drugs where that battle continues today. There was much money to be made on the War on Drugs and it was never meant to be won.  Because we have a porous border, drugs from Mexico and guns from the United States went back and forth. Law enforcement would later nab the drug runners and seize their property, cash and other assets totaling billions of dollars every year.  It was a cost of doing business for the drug cartels. Both sides are happy.

With this War on Drugs, it has wreaked havoc on the Mexican people through much violence by the drug cartels. Government officials are on the payroll for the drug cartels. Mexico has become a failed state where many are suffering. Under the Bush and Obama administrations Congress had written legislation (not passed) to build a wall along the southern border. It wasn’t raciest back then. It was cleverly concocted that DHS would receive an additional $10 billion a year to finance construction of this wall. However, the Secretary of DHS would have the discretion to use this money to build a wall or to use it for other purposes – the likely scenario.

With this porous border are many people who are crossing to cause harm to our nation. Besides, the drug cartels, there are those from Somalia, Central and South America, Asia and other parts of the world. ISIS has a stronghold in Mexico. We need to keep the troublemakers out.

I support building a wall along our southern border as our first line of defense. Congress needs to do their jobs and provide the funding.  We need to end the violence along our border towns here in the United States and our friendly neighbor to the south, Mexico.

*credit to Sybele Capezzutti


The Failed State of Mexico

In my book, Conscious Politics, I write about how it is in the best interest of our nation that the people of Mexico can enjoy the benefits of a thriving economy without the violence by the drug cartels. Many people are suffering, and they are fleeing their country. I write about steps that can be taken to end the poverty and hopelessness in Mexico. But first, there needs to be cooperation between the two governments.  Our immigration laws can be modified to show compassion to the Mexican people where instead of sneaking across our border, they come through our front door, legally. There can only be one type of immigration and that is done – legally.

When the violence ends in Mexico, that nation can experience an economic revival. It will also be good for the United States where Mexico will become a valuable trade partner and in our national security interests.


Economic Prosperity Act

There will need to be some paradigms changed in creating a new economic and monetary system. I have no expectations that my proposed Economic Prosperity Act will be adopted but I am planting the seeds for a future implementation. See ECONOMIC PROSPERITY ACT.


Term Limits

I am proposing Term Limits in my Fair Elections Amendment. I also have no expectations that this proposed Constitutional Amendment will be adopted. I am planting the seeds for future implementation. This proposed amendment will solve so many problems in our country while restoring our Republic and instilling integrity in our political process. See FAIR ELECTIONS AMENDMENT.


Government Accountability

This issue is very personal to me. I have been a victim of government corruption and incompetence. I have raged legal battles against a few corrupt agencies. One battle is where a government agency within the Department of Defense, has intentionally been stealing money from veterans. I have that Agency on notice that I intend to seek prosecution through the DOD Inspector General. That Agency manages over $600 billion of the DOD budget.

There is another corrupt Agency, where I am pursuing criminal prosecution through their Inspector General, the FBI and the American Bar Association.

As your Congressman, I will fight hard for your rights when you have been harmed by a federal agency. I believe we need to toughen up some laws to hold our government bureaucrats accountable for their unlawful actions. Civil remedies need to be provided. When the federal government is sued in a federal court, the DOJ provides immunity from prosecution. So, bureaucrats are free to do pretty much anything they desire – even in some cases murder.

A start will be the enforcement of the Whistleblower Protection Act.


Legalization of Industrial Hemp

At one time the U.S. greenbacks (USD) were printed on hemp paper. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant. However, it cannot be smoked. There are many valuable uses for hemp. Some products are paper, plastic, oil, construction wood, hempcrete (cement), clothing, medicines and the list goes on. Hemp releases four times the amount of oxygen when compared to trees. Hemp can also be grown as a rotation crop that enriches the soil with nutrients.

Hemp needs to be legalized in all fifty states. I will propose or support legislation to make it legal.  

Ban on Water Fluoridation and GMOs

Sodium fluoride is an industrial waste product. It is used in our municipal water plants as medication in our water supplies. Fluoride is toxic and very harmful to the human body. I will support legislation banning the dumping of sodium fluoride in our water supplies.

Many countries across the world have banned GMO crops. The United States should also follow suit.

Veteran Support

We must do much more to support our veterans. Many veterans need our help and to honor them, none of them should be living homeless in the streets. Within my proposed Economic Prosperity Act, the creation of Community Support Centers can provide relief to our veterans.


Other Campaign Issues: Political Reform

Today we find ourselves with the most corrupt people governing our nation from both political parties. Our system of government has become dysfunctional. Could it be that our “systems” are old? We most definitely see that our political

Today we find ourselves with the most corrupt people governing our nation from both political parties. Our system of government has become dysfunctional. Could it be that our “systems” are old? We most definitely see that our political system is broke and no longer is working for We the People of the United States. There are ‘systems’ that are breaking down such as our Governmental, Banking, and Insurance institutions. Big Pharma is out of control with its deadly vaccines and medicines. Something needs to be done to fix our ‘systems’. But can we as a nation trust our career politicians to fix the problems that they created?

If we do not learn from the mistakes of our past, then we will continue making the same mistakes until we do so. Perhaps we can do something different. We should begin using some ‘common sense’ and see how that works out.

If we do not engage in political reform then the same problems/issues will exist for many more years. Political reform will be my number one focus. We fix this gigantic monster then many other issues will be easily resolved.


Too  Much Traffic Making Health Care Affordable


Healthcare in America is the most expensive when compared to the rest of the world. I hear about the horror stories where some families are paying as much as $2500 a month in health insurance premiums. The government wants to fine you if you cannot afford to pay these huge premiums. A few are benefitting from Obamacare while many others are struggling to pay these higher premiums.  Prescription medicine for Americans is the highest in the world.  We must stop the spiraling costs to make healthcare affordable for all Americans. Prior to my military career, I was in the insurance industry. Modern medicine is making people sicker and having a tremendous impact on living a healthy lifestyle. We have to make our medicines, vaccines, water and food safer. Our survival is predicated on ending GMO foods. At one time all food and medicines were organic.

In the medical community, there are no profits in cures – only treatments. We must end the suppression of cures to eliminate diseases.


Campaign Issues: The Economy


I am referring to former President Reagan’s trickle-down economics.  The cup at the top has become much bigger and very little is trickling down. This has become corporate welfare.

For more than 200 years, this country has operated in the same way with the same system. Oh, we keep changing the rules a little, but basically, it has been the same and it was based upon greed. It was a system where, slowly, the wealthy became wealthier and the poor got poorer. Now, this is not a judgment, but just a fact. It worked in an old energy and it was still a good system, for even those in the middle had good lives, better than in other countries. But suddenly, we are seeing this economic system that simply cannot sustain the old ways; even basic economics has to change. Therefore, financial systems built on the past are falling apart. We need to develop a new economic and monetary system that will work for everyone not just the wealthy.

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