Conscious Politics

The Citizens United ruling opened up the floodgates for legalized bribery on a massive scale.  The wealth of our nation is being redistributed into the hands of a few.  Elections are being bought.  Voting machines are being tampered with in national elections.  The counting of the ballots has been exported to billionaire George Soros.  UN Agenda 21 was designed to end private land ownership in America.  People we have only one option to end all of this before our country is ended.  That option is the Fair Elections Amendment.  We must end partisan politics.  We must go to a higher level of political thinking. We must begin a process of tossing out unnecessary and harmful regulations.  We must begin decriminalizing many laws.

Conscious Politics is a way to expand people’s thinking from dualistic thinking to a higher political thinking in politics that goes beyond left or right.  There are two subjects that I am passionate about and they are ‘a higher political thinking’ and ‘a higher spiritual thinking’.  Both go hand in hand for Conscious Politics. 

Conscious Politics is about creating new paradigms of thinking to resolve problems. It is all about creating Win-Win situations.

There is an organization called where they state: “Conscious Politics endeavors to articulate a sustainable, survivable post-militaristic paradigm.  Dominate approaches currently operate primarily from a lethal paradigm, which does not contain the seeds for its own resolution.  Increasingly lethality of weaponry and technology and availability of non-state actors now generates dynamics that escalate cycles of violence.  There is a widespread, tightly held, hegemonic approach to problems is by domination and control through pressure, coercion, threats, punishment, isolation, sanctions and/or use of violent force.  What often passes for negotiations and diplomacy, sometimes considered as a preventive measure, often operate within a zero-sum paradigm, using arm twisting, and have limited success.

For any given conflict, we can use scientific, creative, multidisciplinary, and counter-intuitive thinking to consciously design pragmatic optimal outcomes for the maximum number of people on all sides.  Conscious Politics provides a forum for constructive ways of thinking about current events based on social sciences, such as political psychology, general systems theory, conflict transformations, and depth psychology; including knowledge of human development, attachment, trauma, fear, humiliation, and gender splitting… By going ‘outside the box’ of our limitations, by expanding our frame of references, we can reach a place where workable solutions may be generated.  We can act consciously, carefully and deliberately to make choices that will enhance the quality of life on this planet.”

Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson wrote a book titled ‘Mind Before Matter’.  In one chapter they wrote about ‘The Primacy of Consciousness in Politics’.  They write: “If we experientially knew that reality of oneness, we could also avoid the ‘tragedy of the commons’ problem, where each individual acting in rational self-interest creates a catastrophe for the community as a whole.  Everything is related to everything else, so we cannot solve a problem in isolation from its context.  We’d realize, for example, that an unfair socio-economic system breeds poverty (as liberals argue), but also that an individual’s personal choices contribute to poverty (as conservatives maintain). We’d train people in how to transcend dualistic thinking and find a true third way in politics beyond left and right.  

If our national politicians knew that consciousness was primary, our government would provide consciousness training for all so that more people could become empowered, wise leaders.  We’d be called ‘citizens’ again – not just ‘consumers’.  Education would be far more important than today and would be a key funding priority for government tax dollars.  Educators would be hired who have a more refined and advanced consciousness, and we’d prioritize raising salaries for them.

In addition to rational, left brain education, the curriculum would include right brain, effective education, such as training in character development and in right relationship with all of life.  Educators would teach people how to align with a higher purpose, hold a positive intention, and develop their will so they could accomplish constructive goals effectively.  They’d teach them how to think clearly and compassionately and serve others and the larger whole. We’d learn how to avoid projecting our disowned shadow or negative patterns on our political adversaries, accusing them of what we ourselves are guilty of.  We’d no longer see political ads with one candidate accusing the other of being dishonest or aggressive, as people would realize that candidate may be in fact describing his/her behavior.”

Buddha had stated, “With our thoughts, we create the world”. Jesus had also stated something similar “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is”.  This is why our thoughts are so powerful – they are forces of energy.  This energy can either be positive or negative.  That’s why many times we must choose our words and thoughts carefully.  Once released to the universe, they cannot be called back. The Universal Consciousness does not discriminate between positive and negative energies.  This is why we must teach people on how to align themselves with a higher purpose. 

It is up to all of us to co-create a better world for all inhabitants.  One way to do so is to visualize a better world.  We can co-create a heaven on earth. 

People throughout the world want a better life for themselves, their family, friends and even their neighbors.  Many times leaders throughout the world, as a control mechanism, would create hatred against other people to justify a war.  This was done to create a negative synergy of hatred to do battle against an opposing force or people.  If we can create a negative synergy to launch a war, then why can we not create a positive synergy to launch peace? 

I want to ask you the reader to try something with me to create a peace ripple. Take a moment to clear your thoughts in your head.  Visualize a peaceful setting for yourself.  Think back to one of your life experiences that had brought you much joy.  Think about that incident in your past. It could have been the birth of your child, a picnic out in the country, a trip to the beach, or even a job promotion.  Think about how that made you feel inside.  You might have been happy or giddy.  You may have been laughing or it could be you were at peace with yourself for that moment.  Don’t you feel good inside? 

Now take a deep cleansing breath and exhale. Now focus for a moment on the Light of God.  Feel those warm golden energies flowing down from above encasing your body with loving Light.  Take another cleansing breath.  Repeat the following words while taking deep breaths:

‘Breathe in Light – breathe out Love.’

‘Breathe in Light – breathe out Love.’

‘Breathe in Light – breathe out Love.’


Now what you just accomplished was being a ripple in creating universal love on this planet.  Universal love and awareness begin with each and every one of us.  Don’t wait for the politicians to create peace and a prosperous nation.  You have the power to effect a positive change for the highest good throughout the world. 

Under Conscious Politics, our leaders (not rulers) will visualize the impact of their decisions.  They will visualize in their mind how a piece of legislation will impact all people.  They will look to see who will benefit and who will be harmed.  They will look five to ten years down the road on how all of this will play out and will then make the necessary adjustments that will be for the highest good of all.

Conscious Politics is a 'higher political thinking' in a benevolent post-partisan world.


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