CONSCIOUS POLITICS -- A Divine Path To A Heaven On Earth

In this book, the candidate, Robert Hostetler, shows how we can create a Heaven on Earth for all people. There is a new benevolent energy on this planet that is growing more powerful each day. Peace, Love, and Prosperity on Earth is quite possible. Included in this book are spiritual exercises that one can use to connect to the Angelic Beings to uplift yourself into a higher consciousness. Abundance for people is possible once humanity comes of age and changes their paradigms.

Conscious Politics is a way to expand people's thinking from dualistic thinking to a higher political thinking in politics that goes beyond left or right ideology. Conscious Politics is about creating new paradigms of thinking to resolve problems. The political ways are no longer working. It is all about creating Win Win situations. Conscious politics provides a forum for constructive ways of thinking about current events in fixing problems.

We can act consciously, carefully and deliberately to make choices that will enhance the quality of life on this planet. If our national politicians knew that consciousness was primary our government would provide consciousness training for all so that more people could become empowered, wise leaders. 

We'd be called 'citizens again -- not just consumers'. Education would be far more important than today and would be a key funding priority for government tax dollars. Educators would be hired who have a more refined and advanced consciousness, and we'd prioritize raising salaries for them.

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