Elect Rob Hostetler
First The People

When I first started writing this book written by the candidate Rob Hostetler, it had started with writing a few words pertaining to my Congressional Campaign slogan “First The People. I wanted the voters to know my thoughts on a few issues. So, I took a non-partisan approach to many issues. Before I knew it, I had the start of a new book, so I kept writing. Many of the issues that I brought forth in this book does not fall under the Democrat or Republican ideology. Personally, much of that ideology are old ideas that no longer work. The people need candidates with fresh ideas and new solutions in solving many of the problems facing our nation today. So rather you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, these are ideas that you may find interesting for us to build a more compassionate and stronger nation. I believe we do need to embrace a new type of economic system that will work for all Americans not just the Elites and I shared my thoughts on what that could be like that goes beyond Socialism or Capitalism with new paradigms of thinking. Our nation is faced with a dysfunctional political and judicial system. It is no longer working and the reason it is no longer working is because those systems are old. I show why we will need to amend our current US Constitution to fix those problems. What I have written I would hope many of you will see it as a breath of fresh air to invigorate our nation where our people will prosper and live more active and healthier lifestyles.

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