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This country can change financial systems, political systems, and the very paradigm of capitalism almost overnight. It's one of the few countries who can, and the only one that is as big as the United States who can. So, what model are we going to present to the American people and the people of the world next? How about one that will work with more integrity and compassion when it comes to big money? That's what is needed. We need to create systems that will

uplift people for them to take advantage of economic opportunities.


For more than 200 years, this country has operated in the same way with the same system. Oh, we keep changing the rules a little, but basically it has been the same and it was based upon greed. It was a system where, slowly, the wealthy became wealthier

and the poor got poorer. Now, this is not a judgment, but just a fact. It worked in an old energy and it was still a good system, for even those in the middle had good lives, better than in other countries. But suddenly, we are seeing this economic system that simply cannot sustain the old ways; even basic economics has to change. Therefore, financial systems built on the past are falling apart.


Highlights of the Economic Prosperity Act:

Creation of U.S. Central Bank

New U.S. Dollar Currency

Low Simple Interest Loans from U.S. Central Bank

Low Simple Interest Payday Loans from U.S. Central Bank

Central Bank is owned by the citizens of the United States

Each US citizen holds one share of this bank

Affordable Home Ownership With 10 Percent Simple Interest Mortgages

Equity Partnerships Between Government and Business/Industry                                                   

Equity funding for new and existing small businesses

U.S. Central Bank retains a 25 percent equity after funding

Businesses will be assigned a qualified mentor with industry experience

Equity funding granted by the U.S. Central Bank


Establishment of Community Support Centers


The United States has the highest prison population in the world. The focus should be on how we can save those before they pursue a path of crime. To do so we need to focus on educating our young people on self-responsibility, self-esteem, self-confidence and ethics. We need community support centers that people can go to for assistance when their life turns into shambles. We need to offer help for the hopeless. No one should go to bed hungry or homeless. This is not socialism but taking care of our own by showing love and compassion.

During my Congressional campaign, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many homeless people.  What I learned was that many times, a person’s lot in life was caused by their own actions or poor decisions. Sometimes events that happen on one’s life can easily spin out of control and cause despair and hopelessness. There are those who were victims of crimes. We ought to give people hope.

There are those folks who fall into the chronic homelessness and others were hard working Americans who fell upon hard times from either a job loss or a disability. There are those who lost control over their lives from alcoholism and drug addiction. These people need help. Those who are homeless cannot easily apply for “food stamps”.

Some are able to work at low paying day labor jobs while others must beg for money to survive. Then there are those scammers who are not homeless and collecting food assistance, who try to scam people for money. Many cities across America have criminalized people giving money to the homeless and downtrodden.


Highlights of Community Support Centers


Government program to get people off welfare where they can once again become productive members of society.

Temporary housing/food assistance

Adult Education

Adult Retraining Programs

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Coordinate with other agencies for job programs

Prison reeducation/rehabilitate programs

Ex-Convict Job Program

Life Counseling

Mental Health Counseling/Referral

Anger Management Classes

Crime Victim Assistance Program

Financial Counseling

Public Works Projects

City Beautification Program

Homeless Reintegration Into Society

Healthy Living Counseling – Integrating Mind, Body and Soul

We need to get away from the mindset that low income level people should pay more in borrowing money or renting property. No one is helped by that mentality. That only keeps those at the bottom of the income level with no hope for advancement. We ought to focus on people helping people which is the foundation for the Economic Prosperity Act. This is not about state ownership of property/businesses but People of the United States helping other people in starting new businesses, new job creation and coping with life matters. The Hostetler Plan is all about creating a super economy that works for everyone.  This plan is not about passing out freebies but creating opportunities for people to better their lives.

People need hope in their lives. With these Community Centers, we can provide public works projects for people to work and earn a living to support themselves and their families. A man working is not out on the streets committing crimes. This is America. I believe we can do better.


Fixing Social Security


The problems in Social Security exist because while taxpayers were contributing more into Social Security than what is being paid out in benefits; your elected representatives in Washington were too busy spending the surplus. They kept issuing IOUs against

Social Security. These IOUs are now approaching over $3 trillion. Now that they are getting close to exhausting the surplus Social Security, it is no longer a cash flow cow for them. Many politicians are calling Social Security a socialism program. Your politicians keep raising the retirement age with no reduction in payroll taxes. For those seniors who do die it is a Win situation for the government since they are no longer required to pay benefits with the government keeping the money the deceased has paid into Social Security.

I am proposing a new National Lottery System to fix Social Security. Now I am not calling for a National Lottery System that will compete against the state lottery systems which has horrible odds and very little winners. Why not as a method to generate new revenue to pay out future Social Security claims, set up a new Education Lottery, a Small Business Lottery,

Home Ownership Lottery – where instead of a few winners there could be, based on a percentage of ticket sales --- thousands of education winners where they could win a 2 or 4-year degree voucher. A small business lottery, where winners could win a small business grant for an existing or new business startup with many winners. A home ownership lottery to win your foreclosed home back or a voucher to purchase a new home. There could be a lottery for a relief in income taxes or student loans.

Since Congress, for decades have been issuing IOUs ($3 Trillion) on those Social Security funds to fund other projects so that they can get reelected. Congress needs to pay back what they took from the mandatory Social Security program. A proposed income tax should be established – but not against you. All revenues received by the Treasury Department should be levied a 1 to 3% income tax and those tax revenues set aside for Social Security, it is time for Congress to pay back all of those IOUs versus raising the retirement age to reduce future claims. Any deceases in Social Security should be tied to decreases in wages and benefits that members of Congress enjoy.



There is not a day that goes by where we are not bombarded with talk about healthcare; more specifically the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – Obamacare. We have heard many rumors and concerns regarding Obamacare. There are those who

worry that this mandated insurance will destroy the middleclass with the high insurance premiums. There are those who worry about the Death Commissions as well as concerns about future mandated Verichip implants.

People need proper medical care and treatment options. They need affordable insurance to pay for this medical care.  There are many factors involved in why healthcare in the United States many more times expensive than what citizens across the world are paying. We need to fix this, and the ACA was not the answer. The ACA had over 20 different taxes associated with this program.  The US Supreme Court had ruled that the ACA was a piece of tax legislation. Obamacare if a major tax package, with Orwellian provisions for complete government control – marketed and packaged as health insurance.

To fix this, we need to remove partisan politics and seek a non-partisan solution. We need to look at the total healthcare framework within the United States.  For instance, we need to stop poisoning our food, medicines, vaccines, and water. We must ban water fluoridation.  We must reform the USDA, the FDA and the CDC of their ‘dark’ medicine and science. People are not getting healthier. This issue alone is driving insurance costs to skyrocket. There is too much greed and a lack of integrity at play here. Cancer, for instance, is Big Money to the pharmaceutical companies. There are natural cures as well as other cures that have been suppressed. Perhaps, if we stop poisoning the environment and the food chain – that alone will reduce the number of people becoming inflicted with cancer.

I believe we can have a better healthcare system that will work for everyone that will leave more discretionary income, that they can use for other purposes to enrich their lives. We need a Presidential Workgroup Commission that is supported by all members of Congress made up of dedicated medical professionals, insurance executives, actuaries, and other professional groups to sort through all of this to come up with a plan to make insurance affordable and for people to lead a healthier lifestyle. We can fix healthcare in America.



A proposed Constitutional Amendment to restore public trust in the Electoral Process.

 1. All national elections will be publicly funded.   The Federal Election Commission with the approval of the President will determine the dollar amounts allocated for the Presidential, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senate, and Federal Court Judge seats. Congress cannot impose a dollar limitation of raised funds to be eligible for public financing; candidate raised funds cannot exceed per election $3000 Individual/$5000 Corporate/$15000 Political Organizations.

2. The President will be elected for a six-year term not to exceed one term.

3. U.S. Federal Judges will be elected for a term of 6 years in the General Election. Political parties may run their candidates in Primary Elections. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims will determine and announce federal bench vacancies.

4.  U.S. Senators will be elected for a six-year term not to exceed two terms.

5.  U.S. Representatives will be elected for a four-year term not to exceed two terms.

6.  The U.S. Attorney General will be elected for a four-year term not to exceed two terms.

7. All voting machines must have a paper back-up, to assure validity and integrity of Elections, when utilizing electronic voting machines.

8. The right of the people to present National Referendums for General Election votes will not be infringed upon by Congress or any government body. National Referendums can repeal any law, Executive Order, or Supreme Court ruling (that impacts the people outside of the court case). National Referendums cannot create new laws.

9. The citizens may petition for a Recall Election to remove any federal elected officeholder.

10. The tabulation of all election results must be accomplished under U.S. Jurisdiction.

11. All US Citizens must present a valid state-issued photo identification when voting.



In closing, I wish to thank the readers for reading about the Hostetler Plan that I included in my new book, FIRST THE PEOPLE. I wrote this book out of love for my country and for all of humanity. I have offered up radical solutions that I believe will benefit humanity. I want to reemphasize that our world will prosper in the development of the magnetic engine which incidentally there are people already working on this concept. The magnetic engine will help humanity to prosper and to overcome any negative effects from the Climate Cycles that are not manmade.

May God bless you and continue to bless the United States of America.


Note: The above is an excerpt from my book “FIRST THE PEOPLE – Radical Solutions” and contains copyrighted material. All Rights Reserved.