2018 Elect Robert Hostetler               US Representative (TX Dist 20)

2033 – A World At Peace

They say that unless one wants to create new enemies then one should not discuss politics or religion. This book is about Politics and Religion. This book is divided into two main parts. Book One is titled Beyond Politics and Books is titled Beyond Religion.  As the author of this book, I give insights to a new and higher political and spiritual thinking. One will find new ideas in meeting the global challenges facing this nation and how we can move beyond those threats for a more peaceful and prosperous world. It goes beyond the old, worn out political and economic ideologies. It embraces Conscious Politics.

This book was revised in March of 2017 to incorporate the many challenges facing newly elected President Donald Trump. I also wanted to make mention of the new energies that our planet has received and it is a benevolent energy.  You will find in this book the many miracles from God that I have witnessed. It is interesting to note the last miracle involved this book.

“I had just finished my writings for this book. I saved those changes and walked away with plans on entering those new writings into my book. When I returned to my home computer, I noticed a major change. My last sentence was enlarged to a higher font size. (Calibri Light 28) I immediately felt that was a sign from God since there was no other explanation. I also made the decision that I would not add any more writings to this book – I’m Finished! So, I proceeded to copy those new writings into this book revision. Another thing happened while doing the pasting into this book. The font size was increased again, (Cambria 36) the font style was also altered and the font color was changed to blue. The last sentenced was moved to its own separate page 74 of this book. One other change that I just now saw in my book is that the last sentence is in all capital letters. I did not make any alterations to that last sentence. My interpretation is that God answered my blessing for those who read this book or are seeking the Light. Here are the last words that have been entered into this book.”



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