Open Letter to My Fellow Texans and Americans

Rob Hostetler



I am running for the U.S. Congress where I am seeking election to Congressional District 20. U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro is the incumbent.

I am running as a non-partisan Independent candidate.

I am a retired military member of the United States Air Force where I had served my nation honorably for over twenty years and I want to serve my nation again as your representative in Congress.  During my tenure in the military, I was willing to lay down my life for my nation.  You won’t find many politicians ever willing to lay their life on the line, especially my opponent. I am seeking the support of Republicans, conservative Democrats and Independents in CD-20.

The pseudo liberals of today have gone too far left seeking a Communist/Socialist state.  The rulers will still be rich but everyone else will have to work for peasant wages in this twisted utopian society. They seek the destruction of the United States with a collapsed economic system. Their platform is simple – Hate Trump. They offer no solutions only hatred against those who disagree with them.

Our nation and world need Love and I believe we must go back to One Nation Under God. The Love of God is not a religious but a Universal belief system.

I am not going to dwell too much about my opponent Joaquin Castro. It is no secret here in San Antonio that the Castro family had been the original founders of the racist group La Raza. That group seeks the return of Texas and other Southwestern states to Mexico. Perhaps we might need to build a wall around Texas. My opponent’s twin brother Julian wants to be our next president in 2020. That could very well happen where the Castro family’s dream of Texas going back to Mexico will be realized.

The choice is clear in this election. Do you want Texas to be returned to Mexico then vote for my opponent? Vote for me if you choose continued economic growth for Texas. This is not a Left or a Right issue but an American issue.

As a non-partisan Independent I believe I can reach out to both sides of the aisle by offering benevolent solutions and new ideas that will benefit ALL Americans.

The Castro brothers have an anti-America agenda that will create havoc in our city, our state, and nation. We cannot underestimate them.

Hire me to be your independent voice in Washington D.C. where I will look at all sides of an issue, without party bosses telling me how to vote. You can hire a robot or puppet for that.

Please support my campaign with your generous donations and vote.

May God bless you and continue to bless the United States of America.

Robert Hostetler,

SMSgt, USAF Retired


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“The border has never been more secure than it is now,” Rep. Joaquin Castro, Texas Democrat, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program Sunday. “I know there are a lot of folks who don’t believe that, people who don’t like to hear it. But the fact is the net migration with Mexico is at zero.” -- Source: The Washington Times - Monday, July 20, 2015

“Make no mistake; The Democrats didn’t brand themselves as Anti-Trump tonight, they branded themselves as Anti-Americans!” ~ Sen Paul Ryan





Congressman Joaquin Castro

January 19 ·

Today, I joined the League of United Latin American Citizens and The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda in a press conference urging Congress to protect our nation's 800,000 Dreamers. Dreamers are upstanding young people who are just as American as all of us. We must act now.



There have been numerous threats made against the candidate, Rob Hostetler. For the safety of other employees in the building -- the candidate has closed his campaign office on Magic Drive. We regret taking this action and it is an afront to the democratic processes in our Constitutional Republic. No Congressman should ever try to use threats or intimation to shut down their opponent. We are calling for the immediate resignation of U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro.

If the threats continue from anyone in the Castro campaign against the candidate, his supporters or donors; every effort will be made to bring the culbrits to justice. This campaign will NOT be intimated!

See Press Release below.





I have ended my congressional campaign. I have done all I could for my country. It's time for someone else to step up. Many thanks and God's blessings for those who supported my campaign. This website will be taken down on April 27th, 2018.

There were several reasons why I wanted to run for Congress in CD-20. I care about people. I know what it is like to be homeless and without any hope. In my proposed Economic Prosperity Act, I had introduced the concept of Community Support Centers. When people are homeless or without any hope there needs to be a place for them to go. I wanted to launch a 'pilot program' in CD-20. It would require support from Federal, State and local officials. We need to take care of Americans whose life has spiraled out of control. With a Community Support Center, this would be a place for people to go before they become homeless. This type of center would offer numerous types of counseling, and sometimes financial assistance. I also believe it is important that before a person decides to embark on commiting criminal acts they can seek out counseling to also include counseling for anger mangement.

Also within this proposed Economic Prosperity Act is a new concept of developing a better economic and monetary model. The old methods are no longer working for the people of the United States. We can do better.

I had also out lined my 12 Step Plan To Establish Election Integrity.  Today, our political system is dysfunctional.

Though this website will be going away on April 27th, these concepts in fixing a host of      problems have been outlined in my new book, "Conscious Politics: A Divine Path To A Heaven On Earth". Perhaps someday a citizen politician will read this book and implement many of the concepts from this book. This book was divinely inspired. Even God had played a part in this book. Read about that miracle. 

There are two other issues that deal with a lack of government accountability. Our survival as a Republic will be depended upon making government accountable and transparent. One issue is where the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the National Guard Bureau (NGB) are both complicit in willful violations of the Uniformed Services Employment Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).  For over 15 years both agencies refuse to comply with their responsibilities. Many of our returning veterans have been denied reemployment opportunities because of their military service. I have addressed these issues with the Trump White House and all of my efforts have been rebuked. Talking about veteran support and actually providing veteran support under the federal statues is nonexistant. President Trump needs to do better than just lip service.

The other issue is with an agency within the Dept. of Defense -- Defense Finance and Accounting Service. I had uncovered numerous evidence of corruption and incompetence within that agency. That agency manages over $700 billion of the DOD budget. I shudder to think of the additional $700 billion that DOD received for this fiscal year on how that money will be mishandled. A year ago I addressed those issues with the Trump White House. The White House has been nonresponsive.

I have ended my efforts for public service. I will resume my duties as the founder for a non-profit corporation in developing the Next Generation Electric Vehicle -- Satgaud Energy.




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