Elect Rob Hostetler
First The People

For Texas Congressional District 20

To my friends in Texas 20th Congressional District


Please see the Mar 6th update regarding the 2020 Primary Election and my official statement requesting a recount of the Mar 3rd Election results. I am disputing this election because of suspicious tabulation of election results. There has been no response from the appropriate people. Depending upon their response, I will pursue  federal investigation for possible wrongdoing. I want to give the Bexar County Election’s office the opportunity to fix these numerous issues. 



P.O. BOX 701126


March 6th, 2020

Subject: Official Request for Election Recount at County Expense

I am hearing about numerous irregularities and three software glitches regarding the tabulation of election results. These new voting machines with the paper backup were used in a previous election that did not have any software glitches. It is being reported that Bexar County Election officials are claiming this issue will be fixed for the General Election. That’s not good enough.

I had been running for the US House of Representatives where I was challenging US Rep Joaquin Castro in US Congressional District 20 in the Democrat party primary.  Now prior to launching my campaign had talked with numerous voters from both parties. Many of them had a strong dislike for Joaquin Castro. One voter had told me “He’ll vote for a folding chair before voting for Joaquin.” In CD-20 Mr. Castro had received 93% of the vote in a three-way race. I find that very hard to believe. I am not buying those election results. Mr. Castro is not very popular in that district.

I found some anomalies when comparing the 2020 Election results and what transpired in the 2018 Primary. In 2018 on the Democrat side 58,722 voted and on the Republican side there were 31,619 votes. In 2020 those totals for the Democrats had increased to 67,185. The total votes for the Republicans had dropped to 23,157.  That’s a difference of 16,925 in favor of the Democrats. How was there a large drop in the Republican vote in a record-breaking Primary election? The numbers are not adding up and is very suspicious.

Now I am not claiming the election had been rigged in favor of certain “establishment” candidates or if there was malevolence involved.  It had been reported that in a secure area of the Bexar County Elections office, that office was left unsecured allowing the possibility of inappropriate actions by unknown person(s).

Therefore, I am contesting this election CD-20 and demand that a recount be conducted at Bexar County expense. Could the reason for the computer glitches be attributed to fudging the numbers in this election? There are also anomalies in the Sheriff’s race. Neither of us candidates should be responsible to pay these costs where the problem lies at the Bexar County level.

A question remains to me where I received 3% of the vote done to preclude me from challenging Joaquin Castro again or to make me ineligible for a recount?

Personally, I believe that in addition to a recount, computer forensics should be conducted.  I am retired Air Force. At my last assignment at the Air Force Personnel Center, I worked as a Functional Analyst in developing a new computer system. I am familiar with software coding. I also know that a computer coding could be written to erase a part of the code after execution to conceal possible rigging of electronic voting machines.

I think in Bexar County, computer forensics ought to be conducted prior to an election to determine if there is anything inappropriate being programmed.

There was another anomaly in the 2018 General Election. In the Election every Republican candidate running for judge had lost their election. Many of those judges, who were in office a long time, lost their seats. The high cost of seeking a recount most likely precluded them from contesting the election.

If I am unable to a have a recount at county expense because of issues caused at the county level, then I will be seeking a federal investigation since I was running for a federal office. I have info’d the appropriate individuals/agencies on this email to give them an official heads up on my future contemplated action, should that be necessary.

I may be contacted via email at rshostetler@ymail.com

Respectfully submitted,


Robert Steven Hostetler


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I am running as a Democrat in the 20th District in the party primary where I am challenging the incumbent U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro. I attempted to run in 2018 as an Independent but did not receive enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. I knew the Conservatives hated Castro so I did try to court them (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) but there was too much infighting among the local Republicans and many of them thought I wasn’t conservative enough.

Our nation has been polarized by extreme politics. I believe as a representative of the people a Congressperson has to be open to ALL of the voices within their constituency. Our nation was originally founded as a Constitutional Republic so that ALL will be heard. I will listen to ALL sides of an issue. What matters most is not what I think but what my constituents believe in.

I hereby challenge the party leadership for both major parties to begin finding ‘common ground’ by showing real leadership for the health and well-being of our nation to compromise and show compassion towards all citizens. People are tired and disgusted with all the hate being spewed. We must show the world we are united in spirit. Let us not let differences divide us. 

I have some ideas where we ought to amend our Constitution instead of bashing it. I believe strongly in the Bill of Rights but there are some issues that ought to be reexamined. I will seek feedback from my constituents since I will be working for you. Many members of Congress truly believe they are Rulers instead of Representatives of the people.

I have written a book titled “First The People” with an estimated release date of January 2020. In this book I share thoughts on how our political system is dysfunctional and no longer is working. I offer solutions such as my proposed “Fair Elections Amendment” which calls for public financing of campaigns and term limits. I also outline my proposed “Economic Prosperity Act” with many ideas in switching to a new economic system that will work for everyone not just the Elites. Capitalism and Socialism are old ideas and though it has helped many people in the past it is old and not working. However, Free Enterprise will flourish in my new economic model that will eliminate the homeless population and make them productive citizens once again.

I have ideas on how we can achieve a new health care plan for all Americans that will not raise our taxes or pay excessive health insurance premiums. I believe people can enjoy better health with an active life style and live much longer. Prior to my 20-year Air Force career I was employed in the insurance industry.

After I had retired from the Air Force I began conducting green energy research. I will come out with my Green Plan based on my research that will actually stimulate the economy and create new alternative energy jobs. I believe we ought to preserve our precious fossil fuels for future generations to enjoy. Please visit my non-profit corp for SATGAUD ENERGY

It is time our paradigms are changed with benevolence to take us further into the 21st century.

I ask y’all rather you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent to support my candidacy for a better future for ALL of us and our nation.

Our nation needs good people from both parties to run for office.

I am asking the citizens in Congressional District 20 to VOTE for me as YOUR Representative in the US House of Representatives in Washington DC.

May God Bless and may you ALL prosper.

Robert Hostetler, SMSgt, USAF Retired

Texas District 20 of the United States House of Representatives is a Congressional district that serves the western half of San Antonio and Bexar County in Texas. The district is heavily Latino/Hispanic (predominantly of Mexican descent), as is the surrounding area. Charlie Gonzalez, who represented the district from 1999 to 2013 after succeeding his father, Henry B. Gonzalez, did not seek re-election in the 2012 United States House of Representatives elections. State representative Joaquin Castro, the Democratic nominee to replace Gonzalez, defeated David Rosa, the Republican nominee, in the race for Texas's 20th district on November 6, 2012. His term began on January 3, 2013.

The 20th is a heavily Democratic district; it has not supported a Republican for president since 1956. In 1972, this was one of two congressional districts in the state of Texas to vote for George McGovern (the other being the 18th District in Houston). In 1984, this district gave Walter Mondale 59% of its vote.

Map of Congressional District 20